Don Giovanni, K 527

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Duration: 120'

An opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It premiered on October 29, 1787, at the National Theatre in Prague and is considered one of the most significant works in the operatic literature. The opera combines elements of opera buffa (comic opera) and opera seria (serious opera) and is often referred to as a dramma giocoso (jocular drama).

In Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Don Giovanni," we witness the breathless exploits of the notorious titular seducer, whose amorous adventures shake all of Europe. However, his reckless actions soon bring dark consequences when he seduces the daughter of a moral guardian, the Commendatore, and kills him in a duel.

While Don Giovanni, with his loyal companion Leporello, continues to pursue his desires without a care, a web of vengeance and helplessness forms around him. In a series of fateful encounters and mistaken identities, he is ultimately confronted with his own moral decay; all the while, the spirit of the Commendatore looms over him. The story culminates in a dramatic finale, where Don Giovanni, with his ultimate indifference, faces the Commendatore in his stony form and thus meets his death.

Through the captivating narrative of love, seduction, and the struggle between morality and freedom, "Don Giovanni" raises essential questions about the present and the future, while his downfall pulls the world around him into the abyss.

Duration with intermission: 180'