Three Pieces from the Emigration, op. 51 / 16-12-13

Paul Hertel
Duration: 7'
Ende & Anfang (op. 51/16)
Erinnerung (op. 51/12)
Hotel Metropol - Moskau (op. 51/13)

I:   Ende und Anfang (End and Beginning)

II:  Erinnerung (Memory)

III: Hotel Metropol

The fragments of long chains of association of past emotions.

The concept:

Musicians meet in front of a barracks for an open air concert. 

Music that had been stored in their bodies for a long time, had disintegrated, blends in a new way. 

It means that everyone only needs to go a few kilometres away from their familiar surroundings and they are already a stranger, a foreigner and emigrant themselves.

Why don't we want to help, to understand. Why indeed? 

Formally, it consists of paraphrases of pieces from the fragment collection of the Emigranten Trio, Op.51. 

The work on the Emigranten Trio was carried out after a television composition for a TV film (SWR) about the Jewish cemetery in Mannheim. The core is identical, the shaping of the instrumentation varied.  Pieces from the Emigration have no home either in the sense of a fixed instrumentation.