Max Richter


Max Richter, born on March 22, 1966, in Hamelin, Germany, is a contemporary composer and musician known for his unique blend of classical, electronic, and ambient music. He studied composition and piano at the University of Edinburgh, followed by the Royal College of Music in London. Later, he furthered his studies under Luciano Berio in Italy.

Richter's work is characterized by its experimental and innovative approach. He bridges classical music traditions with modern technology, creating music that is both accessible and profound. Perhaps his most famous work, "Recomposed: Vivaldi – The Four Seasons" (2012), is a reimagining of Antonio Vivaldi's renowned "The Four Seasons". In this piece, he transforms the classical composition with electronic elements and minimalist techniques, giving it an entirely new dimension.

In addition to his work in classical and electronic music, Richter has composed numerous film and television soundtracks, including for "Waltz with Bashir", "The Leftovers", and "Ad Astra". His music often features emotional depth and a meditative quality, taking the listener into a world of reflection and inner experience. Max Richter is regarded as one of the most innovative and influential contemporary composers.